Friday, November 21, 2014

an ALL Crock Pot Thanksgiving!

Last year, 2013, I finally realized one of my life goals:
an ALL Crock Pot Thanksgiving.

in the past, we have used a crock pot here or there, but my mother would never allow every. single. dish. to be prepared in a crockpot...

Last year I hosted my OWN Thanksgiving for the very first time, and below you can see how glorious it actually was.

Thats 7 crockpots. Count them!

I never posted all the recipes like I had planned, but I will try to do so between now and Thanksgiving 2014, next week!

From the left, I made Turkey in my ninja, stuffing, white bean soup, an apple cranberry sauce, collards, green beans, and last but certainly not least, mashed potatoes.

Happy Crocking and Happy Thanksgiving!

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