Borrowed Recipe Book

These are some recipes I have tried and enjoyed that may not fit into the Crock Pot or even the One Pot category.  I mostly post these here so I can quickly and easily find them to make again and again, and of course to share with you!

Pren's Favorite Vaca Frita
*(okay so its not actually her favorite, what she wanted was Carne con Papas... but this was pretty good and served the Cuban-food-fix just as well!)

Kates Go-To-Tenderloin Recipe from COOKS

Another Kate Fav - Baked Orzo with Fontina and Peas from FOOD NETWORK

Three Day Chicken

Fried Rosemary Lemon Catfish
(the above recipe was a little unclear, so I chopped the rosemary and added it to the cornmeal, I cut each filet into quarters and instead of olive oil I used vegetable oil and deep fried it on top of a propane burner outside - it was absolutely delicious - and I do not like fish!)

Fun with Fruit:
You Tube video how to make a Great White Shark
How to Carve a Watermelon Shark

Desserts and other sweets:

Cooks Basic Blueberry Pie Filling

Mason Jar Pies

Alton Brown's Spiced Blueberry jam

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