Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Lima Beans

For Thanksgiving - I made Lima Beans (actually - i made three different vegetables in my very cool three-pot-crockpot courtesy of AES)

(Lima Beans are the one on the right)

Basically - I put in a can or two of drained canned lima beans, added "ham hock" - as you can see kind of a lot of it - and then poured chicken stock liquid until the beans were covered.
thats it - just cooked on high while the other thanksgiving things were being prepared bc the lima beans were already cooked (maybe about an hour on high, then low til we served... another 30 minutes or so?).

canned Lima Beans (drained)
Ham Hock (to taste)
Chicken Stock/Broth (to cover beans)
Salt/Pepper to taste.

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  1. p.s.

    I'm sure this would be WAY better with fresh lima beans but that would also take way longer - and I didn't necessarily have my act together that far in advance for the vegetable sides.