Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ninja Beef Tenderloin

Delish Beef Tenderloin
(if you have a Ninja crockpot)

Marinate Beef Tenderloin for a few hours ahead of time:

Balsamic Truffle Oil
Olive Oil

(Marinate in a bag or dish for a few hours)

Put Ninja on Stove Top High:

Pour whole bag into Ninja Crockpot

Brown the tenderloin for 10 min

then take tenderloin out, put in the rack, place tenderloin on rack, and pour in 3 cups of beef broth and pour balsamic truffle oil over tenderloin before placing lid on crockpot.

Cook on OVEN @ 375 for 40 minutes - Medium...

I'm going to try 35 next time so its a little more Medium Rare.

So. Good.

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